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My child really enjoys Gymjam and learnt so much. Her balance, hand-eye coordination and self-confidence truly improved. Liandri is passionate, skilled and really good in what she does with the kids! I would recommend Gymjam to anyone with an open heart.

Elé joined Gymjam in January 2020. She is always just full of joy after a Gymjam lesson!  Then came COVID and nothing was normal but through it all Gymjam continued and it was so well planned! Pre-recorded video lessons, live Zoom classes, studio classes and activity boxes – all in one year and each of the offerings were different and excellent.  My daughter loves it and her skills got better after every class.  Thank you Liandri and team for the wonderful opportunity!

My daughter loves Gymjam! She can’t wait for her Gymjam classes and constantly brags about how it’s making her stronger and shows off all the new moves that she learns.

Worth every cent! My daughter loves Gymjam and her teacher is the best.  Her development since joining Gymjam is significant. It’s a lot of fun!

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