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Meet the Team

Liandri Van Niekerk is the founder & owner of Gymjam.  She is a former gymnast and current SAGF coach and judge.  Liandri has a passion for sport (especially gymnastics) & loves teaching children the foundations of movement.  She has an HPFA certificate in Kids Development as well as a Bcom degree in Business Management.

Petru Booysen is one of our head coaches at Gymjam.  She loves working with children.  She has a certificate in personal training from ETA College.  She is also a former rhythmic and artistic gymnast and currently coaches gymnastics to all age groups.

What makes
us different:

  • Our strong focus on foundation gymnastics, ensure that your child receives comprehensive physical, emotional, mental, and social development.
  • We have a preschool curriculum for 3 – 6 year olds and a school-age curriculum for 7 – 9 year olds.
  • Gymjam has developed its own unique gross motor game, the Dizzy Dice which is often incorporated into our lessons and is available to purchase as part of the registration package.
  • A part of our curriculum is dedicated to the development of social skills and are incorporated into our lesson plans.
  • Children love our well trained and energetic coaches who always go the extra mile to ensure a fun learning environment.
  • We value individual attention and hands-on work.
  • Gymjam offers fun holiday programs where children can make new friends while participating in various physical and educational activities.
  • Individual progress reports are completed by coaches throughout the term and presented to parents with a certificate at the end of each term.


Gymjam is powered by the Fitnastix curriculum which is founded and owned by Tania Williams, former Springbok gymnast, and coach.  The Fitnastix program is one of the leading educational programs teaching the Fundamental tumbling gymnastics skills to children, is an official member of the South African Gymnastics Federation, the Western cape Gymnastics Association and is a CATHSETTA  ACCREDITED Training Provider.

The Gymjam curriculum is offered to preschool-aged kids (3 – 6 years) as well as a separate curriculum for school-aged children (7 – 9 years).  Lessons are presented once per week and are 30 – 45 minutes long.

Preschool (3-6 years):

Our preschool program is designed to give the children a comprehensive learning experience in a fun and safe environment. Our theme-based lessons include interactive games with individual and team activities.  The focus is to develop gross motor skills using foundation gymnastics as a key facilitator.

School-age (7-9 years):

Participating in gymnastics activities develops the same neural pathways needed for mathematics and reading.  Our school-aged programme introduces children to gymnastics as a sport and includes rope skipping, foundation gymnastics, and Parkour (better known as street gymnastics)..  Basic skill progressions are used which in time lead to the mastering of certain skills such as cartwheels, handstands and eventually more advanced skills.  Besides the physical development, a sense of self-accomplishment and discipline is achieved.

The Dizzy Dice

The Dizzy Dice is a gross motor game designed specifically by Gymjam to encourage active play in class and at home.  Its fun and interactive features allow families with children 3 – 9 years to laugh and play together while learning.

The game can be played by the entire family or children can play in groups of two or more.  Children under 4 years should be supervised by a parent/adult.  The Dizzy Dice can be purchased as part of the registration package and is also available to purchase separately to non Gymjam members.

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